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I had heart surgery in 2017, and have had arthritic pain in my shoulder and ankles for years. I have been going for 2-hour sessions, twice a week, for 2.5 months now, and my arthritis pain has all but disappeared! At my periodic cardiology appointments, I have continually shown improvement in my heart and pulmonary systems. My sleeping has also improved, and I have much higher energy during the day.

The Energy Zone home installation is a very comfortable, quiet environment. I come out of each session feeling rested and energized, with a definite sense of well-being and peace.

Phil K
Island Lake, IL

I have been given the opportunity to treat one of my patients who has suffered a hypoxic brain injury following a heart attack, at the Energy Zone in Vernon Hills. For a year, he has been non-verbal and wheelchair-bound. After the first session, the patient’s wife reported that he was smiling and laughing, a contrast to his normal state. We were also able to observe his legs fully relaxed in the extended position within minutes of being in the energy field. It normally took 45 minutes to achieve this state with home therapy. We are hoping with continued treatments at the Energy Zone for verbal communication to return.

Cathleen Bender
LPT and Natural Healer

I found such an improvement in my mental concentration from using your facility that it set me on a writing rampage [after three 2-hr sessions]!! My thinking is so much clearer - I’m coming back for more!!! So glad you took the plunge and invested in this EES technology!

Flo P
McHenry, IL

I feel like parts of my brain that have been dormant for a very long time have been switched back on!

Thanks, Linda and Matt, for introducing me to this amazing technology! I feel grounded, happier, less brain fog, better ability to focus, and able to get more done during the day! More people need to experience this. The technology is nothing short of miraculous!

Steve J
Oak Park, IL
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