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What are some of the reported benefits of EES?

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Better focus and clear-thinking

  • Greater emotional balance/elevated mood

  • Improved immune function

  • Cell regeneration

  • For many, it relieves pain and stiffness

What is the EESystem?

The Energy Enhancement System (EES) was founded by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, a longtime healer and biophysicist. The technology largely comprised of non-linear “scalar waves”, catalyzes the body’s ability to return to a more optimal state. Cells in the human body, when functioning at their maximum health potential, range between 70-90 millivolts. Aging and dis-ease occur when the cellular energy declines to levels below this range. This technology gives us the ultimate fuel for our bodies, improving circulation, oxygenation and increasing cellular energy.

What should I expect when visiting Energy Zone?

You should expect a welcoming and supportive environment that is focused on helping you access and harness your inner power for greater personal growth and wellness. You'll come to sit, relax and meditate while you're bathed with multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields This is done using perfectly-calibrated screens and technology from EESystem.

How long does a typical session last and how many do I need?

EESystem sessions are booked for 2 hours or more at a time.  While 2 hours is an excellent opportunity to relax and possibly enter a theta state, 3-or-4-hour sessions are the “sweet spot” to receive the greater healing effects. Most people find that they want to come weekly to maximize the healing benefits that the EESystem offers.

The frequency of treatment depends on what you want to accomplish and how much Scalar Energy affects your body. Although this is difficult to quantify, the effects of the energy tend to be cumulative and, relative to one’s lifestyle, the benefits tend to keep building.

Are you part of UNIFYD Healing Network?

Yes! We are proud to be members of the UNIFYD Healing Network!

Together with the UNIFYD Healing Network, we are able to bring this amazing and powerful technology to the world.

Preparing for your Session

What you need to know before your visit

What to Bring to your EE Session
  • Sleep Eye Mask if you’d like complete darkness.
  • Headphones for noise cancellation (some disposable earplugs will be available if needed)
  • Water bottle to keep next to you, and sip along the way (we’ll have a large jug to refill from).
Drink plenty of water before and after your EE session. It will help your body adjust to the energy and detox.
Come with an open heart and mind, ready to unplug, relax, and support your body’s overall wellness.
How you might feel during it

People have commented how deeply relaxed they feel within minutes. Some people feel a light vibration in different parts of the body. Or, you may feel nothing!
Afterward, many people report feeling more energy, with a better night’s sleep. Some people simply feel “good” and ready to take on life more confidently.

What to do after each session

Drink plenty of water. This will help eliminate toxins.
Take a Detox Bath with equal amounts of sea salt and baking soda (1/2-1c each). A lesser amount of Borax can help too. We have a free bag of bath salts to give you as a gift at your first session.
Wear your EE charged necklace and bracelet daily for overall wellness.

Why there is a membership fee

The Energy Zone is a Private Membership Association. Those wishing to visit our center must become a member. There is a one-time membership fee of $10.00. Our services are only available to members, not to the public.
We accept debit and credit cards and cash.

Pricing & Quick Tips



One-time Membership Fee


Per hour
[$35 during Spring Promo]
  • 2-Hour minimum recommended
  • Punch-card Bonus: After any 10 hours of sessions, get the 11th hour FREE! (that’s a 10% discount)
  • If you show us your Unifyd TV membership, paid-up, we will take 10% off each session price!!

What others are saying

I had heart surgery in 2017, and have had arthritic pain in my shoulder and ankles for years. I have been going for 2-hour sessions, twice a week, for 2.5 months now, and my arthritis pain has all but disappeared! At my periodic cardiology appointments, I have continually shown improvement in my heart and pulmonary systems. My sleeping has also improved, and I have much higher energy during the day.

The Energy Zone home installation is a very comfortable, quiet environment. I come out of each session feeling rested and energized, with a definite sense of well-being and peace.

Phil K
Island Lake, IL

I have been given the opportunity to treat one of my patients who has suffered a hypoxic brain injury following a heart attack, at the Energy Zone in Vernon Hills. For a year, he has been non-verbal and wheelchair-bound. After the first session, the patient’s wife reported that he was smiling and laughing, a contrast to his normal state. We were also able to observe his legs fully relaxed in the extended position within minutes of being in the energy field. It normally took 45 minutes to achieve this state with home therapy. We are hoping with continued treatments at the Energy Zone for verbal communication to return.

Cathleen Bender
LPT and Natural Healer

I found such an improvement in my mental concentration from using your facility that it set me on a writing rampage [after three 2-hr sessions]!! My thinking is so much clearer - I’m coming back for more!!! So glad you took the plunge and invested in this EES technology!

Flo P
McHenry, IL

I feel like parts of my brain that have been dormant for a very long time have been switched back on!

Thanks, Linda and Matt, for introducing me to this amazing technology! I feel grounded, happier, less brain fog, better ability to focus, and able to get more done during the day! More people need to experience this. The technology is nothing short of miraculous!

Steve J
Oak Park, IL
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